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Design. Websites. E-Marketing. And More

Equick has been in Field since 2004 and has been an innovator ever since. We quickly gained an enviable reputation as a fast and reliable provider of design, being a leader in the adoption of eBrochure,websites in particular. In response to our customers’ needs, we soon began to offer a quality, reasonably-priced design service.

Direct mail became a strength and not long after, we added an extensive promotional products sourcing and branding service so that our customers’ branding needs were better catered for.

And we have been innovating ever since, now providing a cutting-edge website design and development service and a plethora of digital products. These include email marketing, SMS marketing, videos, ePublications, QR codes and more.

Our owners and staff have an accumulated wealth of knowledge across a myriad of disciplines. Talk to them about whatever marketing and communications objectives you have in mind. You won’t regret it.

Behind all of this innovation and development lies the secret to Equick’s success. Each of our centres is owner-managed. Because of this, each centre has an unswerving commitment to making you happy.  We go the extra mile to make it so.

With Equick, whether it’s Design or Marketing, you know it will be done right and on time.